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IBM and Axis team up for intelligent surveillance solution at Chicago's Navy Pier

Published by Dan on June 10, 2009 2:08 PM

Chicago's Navy Pier is the welcome recipient of a new, highly-advanced network video monitoring system that features IP video equipment from Axis and IBM. The IBM-helmed project greatly increases video security at the pier and allows for easy integration with existing security systems and safety resources. The Navy Pier complex, considered the most popular leisure and tourist destination in the Midwest, hosts over 8 million guests every year. With the IBM video monitoring solution, visitors to the Pier can feel safe knowing the waterway is well-protected.

Phase one of this cutting-edge surveillance project integrates network cameras, alarms, sensors, and video analytics to monitor and protect the Navy Pier and its visitors. Axis IP cameras provide wide-area coverage extending along the perimeter of the Pier, in addition to monitoring entrance and departure points. Emergency call buttons, which are situated along the Pier, are also integrated with the video surveillance system. When a call button is pressed, streaming video and audio footage is sent to the Pier's command center. This is a good example of multiple security systems working together on the some network, showcasing one of IP video's key benefits.

IBM Smart Surveillance Solution technology incorporates sophisticated video analytics into the system, for intelligent monitoring of the waterway. Using video analytics, the system can automatically alert security personnel when unauthorized boats move towards restricted areas. The IP surveillance system delivers continuous live streaming, while video footage is also recorded and archived for investigative purposes. Aside from Navy Pier security workers, the system is also accessible to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, the 9111 incident management center, and the Chicago Police Department Marine Unit.

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