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Hybrid surveillance solution increases port security for Aberdeen Harbor

Published by Dan on January 19, 2010 12:00 PM

A hybrid surveillance system featuring IP video equipment from IndigoVision has been deployed in Aberdeen Harbor, the UK's largest port serving the North Sea oil and gas industry. Previously the port had an analog surveillance system in place, but it recently upgraded to a solution that incorporates IP cameras and network video recorders while still utilizing the existing analog CCTV cameras.

Strong security is a key concern for Aberdeen Harbor because of the large amount of cargo that passes through each year. In port environments, IP network cameras enable comprehensive surveillance for such applications as monitoring staff, increasing public safety, managing traffic and shipping activity, deterring crime, and preventing threats of terrorism.

Surveillance footage is archived on NVRs, which allow for long-term storage, fast searches and detailed analysis. The hybrid approach enables the port to seamlessly transition to IP-based surveillance while incorporating the CCTV equipment it already has in place. In this case, IndigoVision 8000 MPEG-4 transmitter modules digitize footage from the analog security cameras for streaming over the network.

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