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D-Link security cameras dive into action at Gulfarium Marine Park

Published by Dan on December 19, 2007 9:36 AM

Here's a unique example of video surveillance in action, courtesy of Florida's Gulfarium Marine Park. The marine park, located on the beachfront of the Gulf of Mexico, hosts marine shows such as the world-famous Top Deck Dolphin Show, and other animal attractions in a facility that includes tanks containing 500,000 gallons of water. Recent security breaches, including an incident where a group of spring breakers snuck into the park after hours to swim with the animals, have caused the park to enhance its level of security. The first step was implementing a video surveillance system to protect the animals, secure park facilities, and also to give trainers and veterinarians deeper insight into the lives of these sea-faring creatures. The surveillance system is comprised of four D-Link DCS-6620G wireless optical zoom network cameras, and three D-Link DCS-3420 wireless day and night IP cameras.

The cameras are monitored from a central office, which allows staff members to keep an eye on the animals without having to continuously patrol the seven-acre park. The animals are housed in five major pools, each of which can now be viewed at any time from the control station, or remotely on the Internet. The D-Link cameras work effectively in daylight and low-light conditions, and automatically switch from color to black and white when the light diminishes. Each camera is contained in weather-proof housing to withstand the Oceanside environment. Another key to the system is its scalability. While the park is currently running seven cameras, the system will support up to 16.

Along with enhancing security, the surveillance system is also being used to promote the Gulfarium Marine Park. Video footage from the surveillance cameras is now being streamed online at the park's website as a way to attract more visitors.


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