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D-Link launches DCS-5635 wireless PTZ network camera

Published by Amelia on June 28, 2010 3:43 PM

D-Link unveiled a new addition to their line of wireless cameras this week, the DCS-5635 Pan/Tilt/Zoom network camera. The DCS-5635 provides a professional IP surveillance solution while streaming high-quality live video over the Internet. The new camera offers a host of different ways to view live footage on the go, while still maintaining a secure connection.

D-Link positions the camera as being ideal for remotely monitoring homes, office buildings and other spaces. The DCS-5635 has a precise high-speed motorized pan, tilt and optical/digital zoom. With the 10x optical zoom lens, the user can identify faces, license plate numbers, and other close-up details that would otherwise be difficult to see with the digital zoom alone.

The DCS-5635 redefines mobile surveillance. With support for 3GPP Mobile Surveillance, users can stream a live video feed from an Internet-ready phone or PDA that has a 3GPP player installed. The wireless network camera comes equipped with Ethernet and 802.11n wireless interfaces to establish secure connections to wireless networks.

Other advanced features include an auto-start motion detector that, when triggered, can be configured to start recording and send an email alert to the system administrator. When motion is detected, the DCS-5635 can record video onto a connected PC or even a network attached storage device, and it can be programmed to record at certain times throughout the day. With real-time video compression in MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 formats, the new D-Link camera maximizes bandwidth efficiency and brings the image quality up to a professional level.

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