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D-Link introduces a pair of affordable IP cameras for home and office surveillance

Published by Dan on June 12, 2008 1:36 PM

Looking to provide budget-friendly solutions for home and office surveillance, D-Link has released two new IP cameras. The D-Link Wireless G Network Camera (DCS-920) connects wirelessly to a home or small business network, provides remote video monitoring, and can be mounted in difficult areas not conducive to wired cameras. The more affordable D-Link DCS-910 connects to the network using a standard Ethernet cable.

Both of D-Link's latest IP camera offerings come bundled with D-ViewCam 2.0, a free video management software that allows for viewing and remote control of up to 32 network cameras. Installing the compact cameras is a quick and simple process. Once connected the network, they're capable of streaming high-quality MJPEG video footage locally or over the Internet. Users can monitor the cameras remotely from any computer with a standard Web browser and Internet access.

Other highlights of the D-Link DCS-910 and D-Link DCS-920 include motion detection, automated email alerts, and low-light sensitivity down to 1.0 Lux.

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