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Bosch Security Systems releases video management software upgrades

Published by Dan on October 7, 2009 3:28 PM

Bosh has released new versions of its Video Recording Manager (VRM) and VIDOS Professional Software Suite. Both software solutions now support video streams using cutting-edge H.264 technology. H.264 compression significantly reduces video files sizes, allowing users to stream and record higher quality video images while using less bandwidth and storage space than with previous compression technologies.

The new versions of VRM and VIDOS also help users of medium to large-scale video surveillance systems by offering improvements in the set-up process, start time performance, and system flexibility.

One unique feature of Bosch's VRM software is an Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) function that ensures recording continues even during temporary network outages. ANR can buffer video data on a Bosch encoder with local storage during such an outage, then fill in the gaps when the network connection is re-established.

The VIDOS Professional Software Suite can support multiple VRM servers allowing for large-scale surveillance systems featuring thousands of cameras. It's an ideal solution for organizations monitoring multiple locations, each with their own clusters of cameras recording footage locally. The footage can be accessed remotely over a wide-area network, but since it's recorded using a local installation of VRM, recording traffic is kept off the WAN.

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