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Bosch IP Cameras to watch over Channel Tunnel Station

Published by Jennifer on June 22, 2007 7:49 AM

The Channel Tunnel (commonly called the "Chunnel"), an undersea tunnel connecting England and France, been called one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Completed in 1994, the 50km (31 mile) tunnel is used extensively by freight and passenger trains. Surveillance is an important security tool for ensuring that trains move efficiently and safely.

Since its opening, the Eurostar line which runs between France and the UK has been expanding to include stops in Paris and Belgium. Now, the Channel Tunnel rail link is expanding north to London, where it will link England to the rest of Europe. Officials at St. Pancras station, the departing point for the Eurostar toward the Chunnel, have announced that a Bosch IP surveillance system with upwards of 400 fixed and dome cameras will be used to secure the station, and protect passengers and trains. Controlware, a UK Bosch Specialist, has worked to integrate the cameras in with the other existing security features and place the cameras in such a way as maximize the security they provide.

St. Pancras' Bosch surveillance system is not only expected to make St. Pancras station more secure, but to also increase efficiency. After installation is complete and the linked line has opened, more trains will run to Paris, Brussels and Lille (France) than previously. A trip from London to Brussels is expected to take less than two hours. These improvements make the Eurostar train line and the Channel Tunnel a formidable competitor for the discount airlines that have been popping up across Europe in recent years. The high-speed train is comfortable (passengers certainly have more room than on airplanes) and tickets are comparably priced.

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