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Bosch introduces TCP/IP Communications Module for AutoDome camera systems

Published by Amelia on July 19, 2010 10:24 AM

Upgrading the functionality of its AutoDome Camera System, Bosch Security Systems introduced a new TCP/IP Communications Module. Easily added to any existing AutoDome Modular camera, the communications module features H.264 main profile compression, Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), and is compliant with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard.

With H.264 compression, the TCP/IP Communications Module delivers DVD-quality video using 50 percent less storage space than MPEG4-compressed video. The module also features tri-streaming, which means it can generate two individual H.264 streams simultaneously. When using a handheld device to monitor footage, the communications module can generate one JPEG stream for viewing.

Along with tri-streaming, the TCP/IP Communication Module's processor can run Bosch's IVA software at the same time without sacrificing any of the performance. Using IVA software, the AutoDome cameras process video signals and alert system operators to any potential security problems. With the addition of the communications module, alarm handling is even more sensitive and comes with the ability to send notifications through email.

The TCP/IP Communications Module supports the ONVIF standard, which makes it easy to integrate the AutoDome Modular cameras into a system with other compliant network video products from different manufacturers. This provides a greater measure of flexibility when it comes to configuring a video surveillance solution.

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