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Bosch announces extreme series IP cameras

Published by Dan on November 19, 2008 9:03 AM

Bosch Security Systems is set to release a new line of IP cameras built to handle the most demanding video surveillance applications. The company's Extreme Series IP Cameras combine advanced optics, IP connectivity, infrared illumination, and on-board video analytics, all within a ruggedized housing. The cameras are designed for uncompromised video surveillance in difficult lighting and environmental conditions.

All-weather models include the Bosch EX30, EX80, and EX85 IP cameras. Each is engineered to deliver top-quality day/night performance. The cameras feature Black Diamond night vision for use in low-light and completely dark environments. And the built-in video analytics also continue to work at night, making these cameras ideal for continuous, 24-hour surveillance applications.

The Bosch EX7 and EX36 network camera models are built for specialized surveillance applications in high-risk environments such as correctional facilities and hospitals. Their special design makes them impossible to grab and hang from, or physically tamper with. Each camera is vandal-resistant with cast-aluminum construction.

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