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Axium anti-graffiti cameras stopping taggers in their tracks

Published by Dan on January 18, 2008 9:41 AM

Late last year, a comprehensive, 120-camera video surveillance system was installed to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity throughout the city of Montebello, Calif. One of the keys to system was putting the clamp down on what was becoming a very serious graffiti problem. Surveillance cameras from Axium Technologies, which employ innovative "Tagger Trap" technology, were installed to detect acts of graffiti. The system is already showing its worth, as six tagging incidents have been captured by the cameras so far.

Tagger Trap is a unique camera feature that can actually sense the digital signature of the ultrasonic frequencies emitted by spray-paint cans. This enables the cameras to quickly lock in on potential acts of graffiti the moment they begin. In each of the six Montebello cases, the cameras captured detailed images of the taggers. An investigation is now underway to identify the suspects. The surveillance system was also able to alert police to two incidents of illegal dumping, both of which lead to arrests.

The city of Montebello spends about $600,000 each year removing graffiti, so it's easy to understand why such an expansive surveillance effort was deemed necessary. Since the camera installation, the number of graffiti incidents has already gone down, as has the amount of illegal dumping. Along with helping in these areas, the system gives police the ability to watch for criminal activity in locations that can't continuously be patrolled by a physical police presence. Businesses can also purchase compatible cameras which can be connected to the city's surveillance network.

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