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What is Axis' Corridor Format?

Published by Marie on March 28, 2012 8:07 AM

Because every workplace and surveillance location should be safe, Axis has a new Corridor Format that allows cameras to maximize video surveillance in narrow vertical situations. Ideal for hallways, tunnels, and mass transit like buses and subway cars, this new format creates a unique high-quality vertical video.

There are two distinct advantages to using the Corridor Format. Using a traditionally mounted camera means large portions of the video will be focused on the blank walls in a staircase or hallway. This means the camera cannot focus on the area that should be monitored in high-definition (a doorway) and ignore wasted space (a wall). Additionally, this wasted wall space also wastes bandwidth and video storage. Large images comprised of mostly blank space are created instead of the highly focused vertical images recorded with the Corridor Format.

Traditional HD video is recorded in a horizontal, or "landscape" format that is wider than it is tall with a ratio of 16:9. The new Corridor Format creates a vertical "portrait" video with a new 9:16 aspect ratio that works in tall, narrow spaces.

This Axis-exclusive format is achieved with two simple steps. First the camera is installed sideways allowing the camera, and more importantly the lens, to be at a 90 degree angle with the area it is monitoring. Then the video image must be rotated back 90 degrees in the configuration interface of the software, creating a vertical image and enhancing security in narrow locations.

Axis Corridor Format is available on most Axis fixed cameras and domes, including: M1054, M1114, P1346, Q1755, P3344, and P3367.


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