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Texas school district installs Axis network cameras for school surveillance

Published by Dan on April 28, 2009 1:28 PM

The Deer Park Independent School District, located 20 miles south of Houston, is in the midst of installing over 700 network cameras to monitor 16 of its elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The district chose to use a combination of fixed, fixed dome, and PTZ network cameras from Axis Communications. Most of the cameras are installed in school hallway interiors, some exterior locations, and also in several support buildings. The main goals of the IP surveillance system are to increase the level of safety for students and staff, and to provide better access control for school facilities.

About 10 years, ago the district installed analog CCTV cameras in a number of its schools, but the analog system had some notable drawbacks. Image quality was poor, and it took forever to track down footage of specific incidents because the video was archived on VHS tapes. The new IP-based surveillance system solves these problems by providing higher quality images, and archiving all recorded video in digital format so it's easily searchable any time an incident needs to be further examined.

School staff members are able to monitor the cameras in real time and can quickly alert roaming staff if an incident seems to be developing. This is especially useful for stopping unwanted activity such as bullying or vandalism. The camera system also works as a deterrent to such unruly behavior. In the case of incidents that need to be reviewed after the fact, surveillance video from the Axis network cameras is archived for several weeks and can be quickly searched.

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