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Sprawling Illinois mall installs wireless video surveillance network

Published by Dan on May 16, 2008 2:08 PM

The Golf Mill Shopping Center in Niles, Ill. is no ordinary mall. This thing spreads out over a million square feet. Imagine how many Orange Julius stands you could fit in there? Now imagine the challenge of rigging the facility for video surveillance. After much research and debate, it was determined that the best way to provide video security for this massive complex was to use IP cameras operating across a wireless mesh network, the same type of network that's being employed for municipal surveillance in a number of U.S. cities.

One of the benefits of a wireless IP surveillance solution was cost. Rather than ripping up new floors and walls to lay cable, mall management opted for a Firetide wireless network. Axis IP cameras connect to the wireless network which is easily scalable, allowing for additional network cameras to be installed at any time. The Axis cameras monitor locations in and around the facility's 120 shops, four department stores, interior and exterior locations, and 89 acres of parking lot.

The cameras send footage over the wireless network to a central security office within the mall. There, officers monitor the system which uses video analytics and automated alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Patrol officers can also view the camera feeds remotely on laptops or PDAs. Video footage from the cameras is stored digitally for up to 30 days in case incidents require further investigation.

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