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Product Spotlight: AXIS 211 and 211A fixed network cameras

Published by Jennifer on May 9, 2007 8:26 AM

The first manufacturer of network cameras, AXIS has been an innovator in IP surveillance for over 10 years. The 211 and 211A series network cameras provide the quality you expect from AXIS, and are suitable for a surprisingly flexible range of applications.

So why do we like the 211 and 211A so much? AXIS has a knack for making cameras that are perfect for anything. From the largest business to the small convenience store, this camera is a network chameleon, blending perfectly into any security situation.

One of the 211 series' most interesting features is its alarm input and output. These allow you to connect an existing alarm system to the 211's network and use its sensors to trigger alarms. This type of flexibility is the perfect opportunity for businesses to try their hands at IP video, or maybe try security cameras for the first time.

The goods:
- Power over Ethernet capabilities
- Built in motion detection
- Alarm input and output
- Simultaneous M-JPEG and MPEG4
- Records at up to 30 frames/second in resolutions up to 640x480
- Built-in microphone and speaker output (on 211A model only)

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