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Paris National Opera chooses Axis IP cameras to update security

Published by Amelia on December 30, 2010 11:08 AM

The Paris National Opera is a huge draw for tourists thanks to the theater, music and impressive architecture of the opera houses. When it came time to update the security systems for two of its opera houses, the Paris National Opera turned to Axis IP cameras for the solution.

The Bastille Opera had previously been operating with more than 130 analog cameras, while the Garnier Opera wasn't even equipped with video surveillance equipment yet. Each of the opera houses had several areas of concern they wanted to address including better security for the people visiting and working in the facility, improved surveillance of the property, and enhanced protection to speed up response time in the event of an incident. The Paris National Opera wanted to implement an IP solution for easier management and better scalability.

A combination of Axis Q6032-E and P3344-VE network cameras were used during the installation. The Bastille Opera installed 32 Axis IP cameras to complement the existing system of analog cameras. Axis video encoders were used to integrate the two surveillance technologies. The Garnier Opera received 50 Axis network cameras. At both locations monitoring stations were created to allow security personnel to manage the cameras and resulting images.

Installing IP cameras had a huge hand in decreasing damage and internal theft at both locations. The Axis cameras play a role in deterring incidents and improving identification. The cameras are also discreet enough to blend in with the aesthetics at each opera house.

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