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KIA Motors turns to Axis network cameras for factory surveillance

Published by Dan on December 10, 2007 9:36 AM

Car manufacturing sites can benefit greatly from video surveillance systems for a variety of reasons. Not only do surveillance cameras help to secure these facilities, but they can also protect employees from the potential dangers that exist when working with automated machinery. The KIA Motors production plant in Slovakia, which recently installed a comprehensive surveillance network, presents us with a great example of how a manufacturing facility can benefit from video security.

For its factory surveillance solution, KIA chose to use Axis network cameras operating on a Cisco Systems IP infrastructure. The system provides KIA with the ability to monitor equipment while creating a safer work environment. In this type of environment, it's important to spot any potential problems or disturbances before they affect the production line. The KIA facility is now monitored by over 100 Axis cameras, including the AXIS 213 PTZ, AXIS 221, AXIS 223M, AXIS 207, AXIS 207W, AXIS 216FD, and the AXIS 216FD-V. Each camera operates independently, sending high-quality video feed over the local area network (LAN). From an on-site central monitoring station, authorized personnel monitor the feeds to supervise production flows, and to make sure safety regulations and procedures are properly carried out. Other highlights of the system include touch-screen remote camera control, and digital data storage. The servers can hold up to 30 days worth of footage.

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