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Increased Adoption of IP Video Surveillance Among U.S. Retailers

Published by Ellen on January 14, 2013 8:59 AM

Axis, the indisputable leader in IP video surveillance technology, announced today the results of the CCTV in Retail 2012 survey that it launched in October 2012. The study was made possible by 47 national and local retailers, all of whom submitted their answers through an online survey. The last retail survey conducted by Axis was in 2010.

The results show that more retailers are using IP surveillance than ever before. Notably, only one-third of retailers still use analog video to monitor their stores. Nearly 64% of retailers have some type of IP video system in operation. This stat bodes well for the IP video surveillance industry, as just 43% of retailers were using IP video in 2010. Highlights of the study are provided as follows:

-Of those retailers who still rely on analog video to safeguard their stores, two-thirds of them are in the midst of executing an IP migration strategy

-Better image quality/HDTV resolution, intelligent video, and easier integration are the main drivers of increased IP video usage

-93% of retailers who use IP video have seen a positive impact on store operations

-40% of retailers who use IP video have seen a positive on merchandising

-One-fourth of retailers who have an IP video system in place named POS integration as the main driver for investing in IP surveillance

-Roughly 32% of respondents of the study state that they use surveillance to analyze "shopping & buying behavior"

-Three-quarters of respondents have covert cameras in place

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