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Egnatia Motorway uses Axis 213 PTZ network cameras to keep all eyes on the road

Published by Dan on December 18, 2007 11:25 AM

Greece's Egnatia Motorway is a monumental road construction project linking Europe and Asia. Developers have turned to Axis network cameras as a way to provide wireless traffic surveillance to the motorway's most difficult route, a 9 km stretch of varied terrain that runs from the Metsovo interchange to the Peristeri interchange. The Motorway has installed 14 Axis 213 PTZ network cameras to watch traffic and provide video security along this section, which includes two interchanges, six tunnels, and two bridges.

The Axis 213 PTZ cameras offer a number of features required for this challenging surveillance application. They operate under all light conditions, provide pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, and include vandal-proof and weather-resistant housing. They can also be programmed to send automated alerts when specific traffic problems arise.

Using Axis Camera Station video management software, the system provides remote video monitoring, event management, and recording. All cameras feed to a designated control center, where the motorway staff has constant access to the video images, and is alerted to any unusual activity and traffic developments on the road. The video footage can also be access remotely by authorized personnel. Because of the continuous coverage the surveillance system provides, staff members are able to quickly respond to traffic events as they occur.


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