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Day/Night cameras offer around the clock surveillance

Published by Amelia on January 14, 2011 3:47 PM

In environments where artificial light is restricted, it can be challenging to capture high-quality images. When lighting conditions are less than optimal, day/night IP cameras are equipped to automatically adjust to handle light-challenged situations. Using infrared technology, day/night cameras offer 24/7 surveillance, providing high-caliber images around the clock.

Day/night cameras are typically infrared-sensitive and make use of invisible infrared light. Infrared energy is released by all objects, and day/night can detect more detail in dark conditions than the human eye can. When infrared hits the image sensor during the day, however, it can distort the colors in the images as human eyes would see them.

Because of this color cameras used for day/night surveillance come with IR-cut filters. The filter is an optical piece of glass that rests between the lens and the image sensor during the day. The IR filter removes IR light, which helps restore color images to what the human eye would normally perceive. For night surveillance the IR filter is removed so that the camera can record high-quality images, even in the dark. carries a large selection of day/night cameras from major manufacturers including Axis, Vivotek and Mobotix.