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Coming Soon to Our Online Store: The Axis P1204, P1214, and P1214 Covert Video Surveillance Cameras

Published by Ellen on October 17, 2012 10:06 AM

On October 26th (Next Friday) will add the Axis P1214, P1204 and P1214-E to our online store, and we're excited about it! These ultra-miniature discreet network cameras are small enough to fit in between your index finger and thumb. The P1214, P1204, and P1214-E are specifically designed for surreptitious monitoring, making all three a perfect fit for business and residential settings where security is of utmost importance. You've never seen such an intelligent IP device that is so compact in size.

The indoor P1204 delivers HD 720p resolution along with multiple mounting accessories to install this discreet camera just about anywhere, including flat surfaces or at an angle. It also comes with high-tech functions like video motion detection, a tampering alarm, PoE technology for simplified installation, and multiple H.264 streams.

Both the P1214 and P1214-E are similar in that they have a hidden video surveillance appearance. Each camera offers HD 720p resolution for exceptionally clear, detailed shots, along with PoE technology, an SD memory card slot for an additional method of storing video, tamper detection and video motion detection. The difference between the two is that the P1214-E is a rugged, outdoor covert camera that can easily operate in temperatures from -4F to 122F, so it is an ideal solution for unpredictable cold or hot environments. Furthermore, the P1214-E has an IP66-rating, meaning it can tolerate dust, rain, snow, ice, and corrosion.

All three camera choices will successfully meet your concealed security needs, and can be used in a wide variety of surveillance applications including banks, ATMs, transportation hubs, prisons, schools, retail stores, and grocery chains. You won't be disappointed with the bundle of features offered on each model. You'll also receive the free Axis Camera Companion with each camera for easy and effortless recording, managing, and viewing up to 16 Axis IP cameras. Don't forget to check out our online store on October 26 to read more about these innovative, pinhole network cameras. They'll go fast, so get online the day we add them to our online store to purchase one of these truly unique, pioneering IP cameras.


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