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Cody High School upgrades analog video system to Axis network camera solution

Published by Amelia on July 26, 2010 3:53 PM

Cody High School in Wyoming recently upgraded their analog video surveillance system to a new IP-based surveillance solution powered by Axis network cameras. The school decided to make the switch after encountering problems with the video quality of their analog cameras. The images from the outdated system were coming back so pixilated that when crime or other inappropriate incidents occurred, the culprits could only be identified about 15 percent of the time. Since installing the new cameras, school administrators and authorities have been able to identify 100 percent of the culprits due to the clear, high-quality images from the Axis cameras.

The school installed a total of 80 indoor and outdoor Axis network cameras to monitor the building and surrounding 42-acre campus. For the exterior the school used a combination of Axis 214 PTZ and Axis 225FD Fixed Dome network cameras. The outdoor cameras have automatic day/night functionality that provides clear pictures of people and objects even when lighting conditions aren't ideal. These cameras are trained on entry doors, parking lots, bus loading zones and other recreation areas. Inside the school Axis P3301 Fixed Dome network cameras monitor hallways, stairwells, the school gym, bathroom entrances, and classrooms.

In order to conserve archiving space, motion detection sensors trigger recording. The school also uses an intelligent search function with their video management software that allows them to scan footage for missing objects. The search tool can zero in on an object in a field of view and then scan through other footage, comparing pixels in multiple frames to pinpoint when the object disappears.

The onsite school officer has access to the footage and serves as the liaison to the chief of police and the sheriff's department. If there is ever an emergency, the school officer can share password access to the cameras and a mobile command unit will have wireless access to live video.

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