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Axis white paper investigates and compares costs of analog and IP-based video surveillance

Published by Amelia on December 14, 2010 4:34 PM

One of the longest standing arguments against installing all-digital surveillance systems is that IP surveillance systems are much more expensive to install and configure than their CCTV counterparts. Axis however, recently published a white paper detailing the results of a cost comparison study between the two surveillance technologies that largely dispels the analog-is-cheaper way of thinking.

For the study, conducted in the spring of 2010, a fictitious request was created for a surveillance solution in a mid-sized retail store. Study administrators requested bids from a sample of U.S. integrators for both analog and IP-based surveillance systems for the retail store. The study didn't just examine the costs of the cameras themselves, but sought to investigate the total costs of the two types of systems including costs associated with installation.

Before the surveillance solution providers were approached a site plan and a realistic set of technological requirements for the site were created. Integrators were asked to create greenfield installation scenarios (no pre-existing coax cabling, power equipment, or IP network infrastructure for either the IP or analog video surveillance systems) for two scenarios: one with analog cameras with DVR recording, and another totally digital system with IP network cameras, video management software and standard network and storage solutions. For each scenario the integrators were asked to create three camera layout alternatives for 14, 25, or 40 cameras. For each of the IP solutions Axis cameras and Axis Camera Station video management software were used.

After analyzing and averaging the costs breakdowns of the IP and analog surveillance system bids from each of the system integrators, IP systems turned out to provide an overall lower total cost for all camera layout scenarios. For 14, 25, and 40 cameras, the cost of an IP surveillance system was on average 11%, 13%, and 16% lower than the cost of the corresponding analog system respectively.

While IP cameras were demonstrated to be roughly 50% more expensive than analog cameras, recording costs for IP systems are about half of what the costs are in the analog category, which is the one of the most significant costs for analog surveillance systems and the portion of recording costs significantly increases for analog systems as more camera channels are added.

To view the white paper and full details on the total surveillance system cost study, click here

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