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Axis strengthens IP camera security with Active Tampering Alarm

Published by Dan on November 19, 2007 2:56 PM

An important, and seemingly obvious, key to the success of any network camera solution is to avoid blocked, manipulated, or redirected video signals. This is especially critical in surveillance locations where the cameras are susceptible to damage, vandalism or tampering, for instance in schools, prisons, transit stations, and harsh outdoor environments. One way to prevent lost signals in these situations is to employ cameras with weather-proof or vandal-proof housing. And recently, Axis Communications came up with an even more sophisticated solution; an "Active Tampering Alarm" that automatically alerts security staff any time a camera disruption is detected.

Situations that could set off the Active Tampering Alarm include accidental redirection, blocked camera views, loss of focus, and any event where the camera is intentionally covered, spray painted, or attacked. This automated alert system can be a tremendous tool, especially for video security applications where a single individual must monitor multiple cameras at once. The immediate notification eliminates the risk of an interrupted signal going unnoticed.

The Active Tampering Alarm is built into select Axis network cameras.

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