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Axis, Sony and Bosch working together to create standardized interface for network video products

Published by Dan on May 12, 2008 1:12 PM

IP camera manufacturers Axis, Sony, and Bosch have announced that they will work together in an effort to develop a standardized interface for network video products. Currently, no such standard exists for determining how products such as IP cameras, video encoders, and recording software should communicate with each other. The companies hope to deliver a new standard of specifications for video streaming, locating IP devices, and intelligence metadata, amongst others, with the end result being greater interoperability for network video products.

A new standard for IP video products would be beneficial for a number of reasons. It will help to facilitate integration of multiple brands of network video equipment, and manufacturers will be better able to ensure interoperability in their product offerings. End-users of course will have more flexibility and choices when putting together a surveillance system that incorporates products from different vendors.

The three companies will set up an open forum for all companies and interest groups to participate in discussions about guidelines and a framework for the standard. This framework will be released next fall.


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