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Axis Recommends IP Cameras to Reduce Self-Checkout Theft

Published by Ellen on May 30, 2012 10:49 AM

According to a survey released by WatchMyWallet, 30% of UK shoppers have stolen or manually tampered with items to receive a reduced price at self-checkout cash registers. The proverbial self-checkout crimes include selecting less expensive fruit/vegetables when weighing the item; selecting smaller sized items when required to enter the item's size; bagging items without ever scanning them; walking out of the store through the self-checkout aisle without paying; and tampering with the scales to get a better deal.

This type of theft is particularly hard to catch because shoppers are becoming more adept at hiding their crime. Shoplifters will often bag two items at a time, so it appears as though they paid when they actually only paid for one item.

Axis Business Development Manager notes that the increasing number of self checkouts also results in an increase in shoplifting and other forms of fraud. Stores that invest in self-checkouts are more susceptible to shoplifting and cheated prices, which in turn, can put a huge dent in their inventory and annual losses.

"Self-checkouts are on the rise, and although the cost savings from having them still outweigh the losses, shoplifting from canny customers as well as genuine mistakes from others [is] a growing cause for concern for retailers - While most self-checkout areas are supervised by a member of staff, with four to six kiosks to watch, it is impossible to spot every type of theft as it happens. Staff regularly overrides the checkouts when the technology does detect an unpaid for item in order to keep the queues flowing," said Rajput.

IP cameras not only deliver higher quality images for better detail and recognition, but can also be integrated with video analytics. By investing in network video, retailers can look for flagged video on their security cameras that have detected self checkout fraud. This saves them a tremendous amount of time versus going through hours of recorded video. Rajput went on to say, "This technology is a great example of how video analytics are increasingly being integrated with IP cameras by retailers to help tackle shrinkage."

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