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Axis provides secure and efficient IP surveillance system for Freightliner's Manchester terminal

Published by Amelia on December 27, 2010 4:19 PM

For Freightliner, one of the leading intermodal rail freight operators in the UK, improving security and streamlining surveillance efficiency were top priorities when it came time to choose an IP system to replace their outdated analog surveillance infrastructure. Axis rose to the challenge, and Freightliner selected a variety of IP cameras from the manufacturer to place at strategic locations around their Manchester terminal.

The analog system was replaced by a network of Axis 211 and P1343 cameras in addition to Axis 233D and 232D network dome cameras that provide an overview of operations across the site. Axis P3343-VE cameras are used to record images of the drivers. Freightliner coupled the cameras with Axis Camera Station video management software to view footage from all the cameras simultaneously. The software also provides an easy-to-use solution for locating and distributing the footage.

The Axis network cameras provide enough detail to record registration plates and container IDs as the vehicles arrive and leave the terminal. The cameras also aid Freightliner in the event of any damage claims made against the company, helping to determine whether a vehicle was genuinely damaged by Freightliner or was already damaged upon arrival.

Equipped with motion detection, the Axis IP cameras allow surveillance operators to monitor the footage in real time as situations unfold, and also optimize network storage and bandwidth by recording only when motion is detected.

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