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Axis networks cameras - over 1 million served!

Published by Dan on October 18, 2007 1:17 PM

Network camera giant Axis Communications announced last week the sale of its 1 millionth camera. That milestone is especially noteworthy when you consider that a high percentage of those sales have occurred in the last couple years. And the company has good reason to think it won't be long before its next million, or even 10 million IP network cameras are sold.

While reports show that IP cameras currently make up about 15 percent of security cameras sold in North America, that number is expected to skyrocket as the benefits of IP surveillance become more widely known. One of the most important aspects of Axis' marketing plan is spreading the word of those benefits. An area that Axis is particularly focused on is the cost comparison between IP and analog surveillance systems. A common misconception is that IP cameras carry a loftier price tag than analog, but when you look at the overall cost of ownership, as Axis is quick to point out, the price is similar, and in many cases, it's actually less expensive to go with an IP solution. Combine that information with other network surveillance benefits such as remote video monitoring, digital storage, and scalability, and you can see why Axis is confident that the IP camera market is ready to go gangbusters.

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