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Axis network cameras provide Swiss railway surveillance

Published by Dan on February 11, 2009 11:46 AM

Swiss Railways (SBB) has decided to use IP network cameras to increase the level of security in the Zurich S-Bahn. A key requirement of the surveillance project is that the solution is completely IP-based and can easily integrate into the train system's existing IP/Ethernet networks. As a result the railway has opted to use PTZ network cameras from Axis Communications for the installations. 115 double-decker shuttle trains will be equipped with Axis 209MFD-R network cameras.

The Axis 209MFD-R is designed specifically for these types of applications. The camera is compact, yet extremely robust, and offers resistance to shaking and high humidity inside mass transit vehicles. It also provides pan/tilt/zoom functionality thanks to megapixel technology that provides a wide-area field of view, and allows operators to zero in on details without losing image quality. The 209MFD-R is one of the first video surveillance cameras on the market to take into account the environmental conditions and onboard requirement of trains and other transit vehicles.

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