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Axis network cameras provide school surveillance in North Carolina's Outer Banks

Published by Dan on April 17, 2009 2:19 PM

Dare County School District in North Carolina's Outer Banks has upgraded its existing video surveillance solution to now include network cameras and other IP video equipment from Axis Communications. The move was spurred by a series of break-ins at one of the secondary schools, and repeated thefts and acts of vandalism at several others. The district already had analog CCTV cameras in place but wanted to move to a digital IP-based system to take advantage of benefits such as remote video monitoring and digital storage.

With the new IP video solution, a combination of Axis network cameras, video management software, and video encoders are being used to monitor the district's middles schools and high schools. Authorized staff members and principals can monitor the footage in their own buildings, while remote access to all school cameras is granted to the Superintendent of Schools along with other select district officials.

The new Axis cameras connect to the existing network infrastructure within each school. Meanwhile, the older analog cameras can still play a role in the new IP-based system. By connecting the analog CCTV cameras to Axis 240Q video encoders, the footage is converted to digital and optimized for streaming along the same network as the IP cameras. Axis network cameras used in the school surveillance setups include the ceiling-mounted Axis 206, the Axis 210 for monitoring hallways, the Axis 210A for stairwells and hallways, and the Axis 212 PTZ for flexible wide-area surveillance.

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