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Axis network cameras help protect water supply for Florida town

Published by Dan on January 15, 2010 4:05 PM

The city of St. Cloud, Florida has deployed a network of Axis IP cameras to monitor its water and wastewater plants. The new IP-based system is the first step in modernizing St. Cloud's existing analog CCTV surveillance capabilities.

During the planning process it was determined that an IP surveillance system would provide superior monitoring capabilities, both locally and remotely, as well as improved efficiency and performance. The IP-based solution also provides far greater scalability in terms of adding extra cameras, and integrating sophisticated video analytics capabilities with third-party developers. By using more intelligent, high-resolution network cameras, the city has actually been able to cut costs by using fewer cameras to monitor larger areas.

Featured cameras in the installation include the Axis 233D network PTZ camera, the Axis 221 fixed camera, and the Axis 223 megapixel IP camera. The cameras are deployed at various locations, including a new water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment facility and a water repump station. Other sites throughout city that have existing analog security cameras in place are now using Axis video encoders to convert the analog footage to digital. This allows for easy integration with the IP system during the transition phase.

The surveillance system helps not only to improve security, but also for operational purposes such as checking water levels, reading metering equipment, and monitoring hazardous chemical deliveries.

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