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Axis network camera solution helps global retailer optimize store layout and merchandizing strategies

Published by Dan on December 21, 2009 4:05 PM

Tall Weijl, a global clothing retailer based in Switzerland, is installing 800 Axis network cameras in its stores throughout France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. What's interesting about this surveillance solution is that it has less to do with security, and more with studying customer behavior. Each store will be equipped with two Axis IP cameras integrated into a sophisticated system that counts the number of visitors passing through.

The IP network cameras are ceiling mounted and positioned at store entrances and exits. Results from the people counting algorithm, combined with the surveillance footage, will provide valuable insight into customer behavior. Tall Weijl will then be able to use that information to strategize store layouts and merchandising in order to drive sales and profitability.

There are two Axis network camera models being used for the installations: the Axis 209FD compact IP camera, and the Axis 212 PTZ, which provides a wide field of view and fast pan/tilt/zoom control.

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