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Axis IP cameras increase the level of security in Portuguese schools

Published by Dan on December 8, 2009 4:00 PM

Axis Communications is heading back to school, at least in Portugal, where the country's comprehensive safe school project has resulted in the installation of 12,000 new Axis IP cameras. The massive IP surveillance installation began in August and will continue into the coming year. The goal of the project is to increase security in public schools in a cost-effective manner.

The network cameras selected for the project include the Axis 225FD and the Axis 221. The Axis 225FD is a fixed dome camera with a rugged housing that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. It's also well-protected from tampering, so it's ideal for exposed settings such as schools. The Axis 221 also works both indoors and out. It offers day/night functionality, and outstanding performance in areas with wide-ranging lighting conditions.

Axis network cameras were chosen for the Portuguese school surveillance project due to their excellent image quality, their ease of installation and maintenance, and their ability to connect to existing IP networks within the schools. Both cameras support PoE, which also helps to reduce installation costs as power and data is unified within a single cable for each camera.

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