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Axis IP cameras enhance safety in assisted living facility

Published by Dan on February 13, 2008 3:05 PM

A group of assisted living and welfare facilities in Matsusaka City, Japan, has turned to Axis network cameras in an effort to help ensure the safety of its residents. The Taiyounosato Social Welfare Service Corporation first implemented a network surveillance solution from Axis Communications for its new Wakaba Sawayaka Garden Care House. An IP network was installed during construction, and Axis PoE network cameras were chosen for the new surveillance setup. Because the cameras support Power over Ethernet, there was no need to install additional electrical wiring. 13 network cameras were installed throughout the building, including the Axis 212PTZ, the Axis 210A, and the Axis 211.

The IP-based surveillance system serves a number of purposes in the Garden Care House. Many of the building's residents require a good deal of assistance. This can cause problems at night when there are only a few people on duty, including two caregivers and a night watchman. The Axis IP cameras provide invaluable video monitoring at these times when the facility is short on staff. During the day, video images provided by the system allow staffers to monitor all entrances and exits, as well as offices on each floor. If there's an incident of any kind, the clear images can help employees to provide a quick and proper response. Detailed monitoring and quick response times are the main goals of the Wakaba Sawayaka Garden Care House IP surveillance installation.


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