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Axis introduces new line of thermal network cameras

Published by Dan on January 18, 2010 2:00 PM

Axis Communications has announced a new lineup of full-featured thermal network cameras believed to be the first on the market. Both the Axis Q1910 and the Axis Q1910-E network cameras use thermal imaging for accurate and intelligent detection of people and incidents in difficult conditions such as low light and even total darkness. The Axis Q1910 is designed for indoor surveillance applications, while the Axis Q1910-E is outdoor-ready.

Axis Q1910-E

Previously thermal imaging was available primarily in expensive high-end analog cameras. The new thermal IP camera offerings from Axis aim to present customers with new, cost-effective options that can easily integrate with today's IP-based surveillance systems. Thermal network cameras are suitable for a variety of industries and applications, including transportation, education, government and municipal surveillance.

The new Axis thermal IP cameras create images based on the heat that is constantly radiating from an object, vehicle or person. This allows the cameras to see in total darkness, and deliver images that allow operators to detect and quickly response to suspicious activity. Thermal network cameras can also outperform traditional security cameras in difficult weather conditions when elements such as dust, haze and smoke could interfere with picture quality.

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