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Axis introduces Corridor Format for vertically-oriented surveillance

Published by Amelia on November 17, 2010 4:19 PM

Axis recently expanded their surveillance capabilities with the unveiling of Axis Corridor Format- that allows for a vertical field of view. This surveillance capability allows for improved surveillance in narrow areas of interest including staircases, hallways, aisles, roads, runways and tunnels.

For businesses that have narrow spaces that need surveillance, the traditional landscape surveillance format is not as effective because a large part of the camera's field of view, the sides, is unnecessary. With landscape format, image quality isn't maximized and the full area and resolution of the camera's image sensor is underutilized. This results in wasted bandwidth and storage.

Axis Corridor Format allows for vertically-oriented video streams and can be used with modern HDTV network cameras that deliver a 16:9 aspect ratio. When combined with Corridor Format the resulting image will have a 9:16 aspect ratio and include all the other benefits of HDTV with full frame rate and guaranteed resolution and fidelity.

For vertically-oriented video either the entire Axis camera is installed sideways or the 3-axis lens inside one of Axis' fixed dome cameras is rotated 90 degrees during mounting. Using the camera's configuration interface the camera operator can then rotate the video image 90 degrees.

The majority of Axis fixed network cameras support Corridor Format through the rotation capabilities in Axis' image processing chips. Corridor Format is also supported by a range of video management software platforms including Axis Camera Station, Milestone, and Exacq.

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