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Axis and Milestone help Goodwill Industries manage loss prevention

Published by Dan on June 25, 2010 3:49 PM

Goodwill Industries locations in Illinois are turning to Axis IP cameras and Milestone software to help manage loss prevention, increase security, and improve employee training. The IP-based surveillance solution features Axis HDTV network cameras operating with Milestone XProtect Professional IP video software. Goodwill Industries is a nonprofit retail and social service organization that sells donated goods in an effort to support their mission. The organization's primary goal in installing the new surveillance system is to reduce the amount of theft, not just from outsiders, but also employees. While shoplifting is a big problem, internal theft accounts for close to 48 percent of the organization's losses.

The Axis HDTV network cameras allow operators to get exceptionally detailed video that can prove invaluable in cases requiring detailed analysis. Users can zoom into the video footage while maintaining a clear picture. This is especially useful when trying to identify individuals making off with stolen goods. The cameras are strategically placed both inside and outside each Goodwill location. Examples of areas under surveillance include entry and exit points, and point-of-sale terminals. The donor drop -off locations are also of particular concern because they're easy targets for thieves. The new IP cameras are now working to secure those areas.

In order to make the system as effective as possible for applications beyond just security, Goodwill is using Milestone's open-platform architecture to test retail-based analytics such as people-counting and traffic patterns. These tools will help the stores work to make future improvements in daily operations.

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