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Axis and Milestone deliver retail surveillance solution to help shopping center manage operations

Published by Dan on June 7, 2010 4:40 PM

The Douglas Village Shopping Center in Cork County, Ireland has installed a new IP surveillance system featuring network cameras from Axis and Milestone XProtect video management software. The goal of the system is to not only improve security, but also help the shopping center to better manage its operations and improve customer service. Milestone XProtect Enterprise open-platform software provides the center with a platform for integration with video analytics, access control, intercoms, and a sophisticated parking system.

The cutting-edge retail surveillance installation features over 190 Axis IP network cameras, including the Axis 233D, 216FD, and 216MFD PTZ, along with other fixed dome and megapixel models. Several Axis HD network cameras have also been installed and offer intelligent functionality such as people-counting analytics.

Full-time operators oversea the cameras and can monitor the entire shopping center. Their main aim, along with detecting suspicious activity, is to improve time management and to get the most out of the shopping center staff. The cameras allow operators to see if fire exits are clear and delivery areas are in order. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic is monitored both inside and outside the buildings. And license plate recognition helps for ensure the 3-hour parking limit is not being abused by non-shoppers. The system even provides color-coded alerts for empty parking spaces and time of stay. Access control and intercoms are also integrated with the video surveillance system.

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