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Axis 216FD, 225FD and 215 PTZ cameras watching over Long Island school district

Published by Jennifer on April 22, 2008 10:24 AM

There's no signs of typical high school tomfoolery at Long Beach High School - not since a comprehensive system of Axis IP cameras was installed last year. The bathroom bullying is over, and there's no more sneaking out behind the dumpster between classes either - thanks to the system of 216FD, 215PTZ and 225FD surveillance cameras, students at the Long Beach City high school know that they can't get away with much anymore.

The cameras, nearly 90 in all, were installed to encourage a more secure learning environment - intended to both prevent large-scale emergencies and smaller infractions like truancy and bullying. From the parking lot to hallways and classrooms, this network of IP cameras is working hard to keep students and staff safe. Long Beach High School maximized the power of its Axis IP camera system by using their existing network and wireless infrastructure and integrating the camera system using Power over Ethernet and wireless technologies to place cameras in spaces that would have been impossible with traditional technology.

Not only do adminstrators and staff at Long Beach High have access to monitor the 90-camera system - thanks to a Virtual Private Network, law enforcement officials and off-site security staff can securely log in and view the camera footage without compromising network security.

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