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Axis 215 PTZ network camera could be leader in network camera flexibility

Published by Jennifer on May 29, 2007 9:17 AM

In traditional surveillance systems, different types of cameras play different types of roles. Wall-mounted and bullet cameras are used for detail shots - getting specific information like facial features on persons of interest, for example. Dome cameras are for getting an overall glance at a store's sales floor or the main area of an office. The Axis 215PTZ network camera, available mid-June, may change all of this forever.

Axis' 215PTZ IP camera offers features like wide-angle lens and the broad field of coverage that are standard to dome cameras, but also packs a powerful 48x zoom, giving the dome camera the power to do the same things as a bullet or wall-mounted network camera.

It's also the first PTZ camera to offer a complete 360-degree pan. Normally, dome cameras only have a range of 180 degrees and must be manually "flipped" by an operator to record a wider perspective. This gives an operator the freedom to follow a person or an object closely as it moves throughout the recorded environment - reducing opportunities for theft and increasing security.

Another one of the 215PTZ's innovative features is its automatic "E-flip." Normally, when a person walks beneath a dome camera, their image will appear to be upside down on the viewer. Axis' automatic flip feature does what it says - flips the image automatically. This aids in monitoring by making the process more efficient. No more editing footage for continuity or struggling to watch an upside-down recording - the 215PTZ network camera does it all for you.

These features may not seem remarkable at first, but they have the promise to influence the way that surveillance systems, especially in retail environments, are set up. While surveillance systems will more than likely still consist of more than one type of camera - the powerful zoom and innovative flipping and panning features will allow dome cameras to be more powerful observers and maintainers of store security.

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