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ASIS 2009: TimeSight Systems touts next-generation platform for intelligent NVRs with video lifecycle management

Published by Dan on September 22, 2009 2:48 PM

Our coverage from ASIS International continues with the latest news out of the TimeSight Systems camp. Today, TimeSight Systems announced a next-generation appliance platform for its intelligent surveillance NVRs. The platform has a fifty percent increase in throughput compared to the previous generation, and it allows for a single appliance to support hundreds of VGA-resolution surveillance cameras. TimeSight Systems' NVRs offer video lifecycle management (VLM) capability, and are geared towards surveillance applications requiring high-resolution video and longer retention times. VLM is the practice of reducing the file sizes of archived video over time as the older video footage becomes less relevant.

The new TimeSight Systems platform is also a green solution, as it offers high performance with very low power consumption. A single appliance using the platform can support over 200 high-resolution security cameras with one year of retention, all in a minimal footprint. This allows users to reduce storage and operating costs while capturing and storing higher quality video for longer periods of time.