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Arecont Vision announces 20-megapixel panoramic IP cameras

Published by Margeaux on June 22, 2011 11:18 AM

Arecont Vision is releasing two new day/night panoramic cameras boasting 20 megapixels. Available in a 180-degree model and a 360-degree model, these high resolution cameras can do the work of an entire fleet of conventional cameras.

Multi-megapixel panoramic cameras are suited for monitoring vastly wide areas, yet offer the ability to zoom in on details like faces, license plate numbers and more. With digital zoom these specialized IP cameras can monitor multiple areas of interest, making it ideal for high traffic applications like large airports and crowded casinos.

The new Arecont Vision cameras will feature four sensors, each with 5 megapixels. Together, they combine to create a resolution of 10,368x1944 pixels. H.264 compression is used to manage the high quality video without weighing down resources. offers numerous Arecont Vision IP cameras .

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