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ACTi ACM-4200 IP cameras provide retail surveillance for discount store chain

Published by Dan on January 26, 2009 3:15 PM

KIWI minipris, a Norwegian discount store chain, is employing ACTi network cameras to provide video security for its new stores opening in Denmark. 10 ACTi ACM-4200 cameras are installed in each store, along with two ACTi ACM-5611 megapixel cameras. The surveillance setup works to increase the level of security, deter theft, and identify suspects in criminal investigations. Key areas monitored by the system include entrances, corners of the store, aisles between display lanes, and the cashier counter.

The ACTi ACM-4200 is an IP cube camera with megapixel resolution. It provides clear and detailed video images while optimizing bandwidth using selectable MPEG-4/MJPEG compression. The camera also supports two-way audio and multi-stream. Because of the camera's high resolution, larger areas of the store can be monitored with fewer cameras. The ACTi ACM-5611 is a megapixel IP box camera that provides day/night functionality. The ACM-5611 is installed at the front and back entrances of each KIWI minipris. Operators are able to monitor the network cameras and manage the surveillance footage using Milestone IP video software.

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