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Wildlife Monitoring Casts Light on Animal Behaviors

Published by Marie on March 11, 2015 3:15 PM

A unique video was recently released by the Oregon Metro department. Using day/night cameras, scientists created a time lapse video showing beavers building a dam. Watch the video here.

This video shows the behaviors of the beavers and other animals in the wetland, which was previously hard to monitor. Beavers are most active at night, making it hard for humans to watch them; a camera with nighttime recording gives a clear view otherwise not available to researchers. This unique video captures beavers and nutria working together, with a special appearance by a rare bird.

This kind of information will help researchers at Metro create better-informed programs for wetland management and wildlife protection. You can learn more about the video and the Metro department on their website. works with wildlife organizations around the world to help scientists gain new access to animal behavior. Using around-the-clock monitoring, PDXWildlife, in conjunction with the San Diego and Oregon Zoos, tracked panda breeding behaviors to help grow the endangered Giant Panda population.

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