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Live Cam Captures Brown Bears Splashing Around in Brook Falls, AK

Published by Ellen on July 19, 2013 9:46 AM

Katmai National Park & Reserve, a designated wilderness region in southern Alaska stretches over 3.4 million acres. The wide swath of land is a hunting-free zone, allowing the park's abundant wildlife to thrive and multiply.

Unique to the park is its massive population of brown bears and salmon. In the summer months of June and July, as many as 70 brown bears at one time will wade in the streams, searching for a bite to eat of the delicious salmon. To capture this rare sight, the park has set up a live camera that records bears combing through Brooks Falls, where they eagerly await for their daily treat.

Hosted by, the live cam shows the bears roaming around the streams, sometimes splashing around in the water to hunt for salmon. Delivered at 480p resolution, the cam shows a detailed image of Brook Falls with mama bears and their cubs playing on the viewing platform in the grass.

Video surveillance cameras have played an instrumental role in the documentation of wildlife and ecosystems. Whether they're used to study animal behavior or provide the public with a window into the day-to-day habits of a certain species, these video applications have fared well in scientific research and animal education.

One look at these furry fellows and you'll be hooked! Watch it here.