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Web-Based Surveillance System Drops Anchor in Maryland Marina

Published by Dan on February 21, 2007 11:09 AM

Blake's Bar Harbor Marina in Pasadena, MD might just be the safest place on the planet to dock a boat, and that has nothing to do with the community's friendly sea-faring populace. The resounding sense of security stems from a new $30,000 video surveillance system installed to monitor the marina's parking lot and 40 boat slips. What makes this system special is that it spurns traditional CCTV, opting instead for the latest in Web-based video surveillance technology. Boasting 12 IP cameras strategically placed throughout the marina, the video surveillance network is a fine demonstration of high-end parking security. Streaming footage from the cameras is accessible online via the marina's Web site. The inclusion of password-protected accounts can restrict access to certain IP network cameras, while keeping others open to the general public.

Boat owners in the marina are discovering that video surveillance is useful for more than just security. Most appreciate the fact that they're now able to monitor their vessels at any time from any location, by simply going online. It's easy to spot a sinking ship, check mooring lines, and keep a watchful eye on things when rough water might be stirring up trouble.

From a security standpoint, a network such as this greatly reduces the potential for theft. The IP video cameras feed directly into the marina office where the footage is monitored and stored digitally on a network DVR. In an instance of crime, the archived footage can be reviewed and used to track down culprits.

The high-end system monitoring Blake's Bar Harbor Marina shows us that online video surveillance technology can be effective by land or sea, and has unique benefits beyond just security.

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