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When to Use Remote Monitoring

Published by Marie on April 23, 2015 2:40 PM

A major benefit of modern surveillance systems is the ability to remotely monitor your cameras and manage alerts without being on site. Used in every industry, this important feature gives managers the flexibility to check in on their business from a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

When would you want to use remote monitoring? Here are some of the most common applications:

  • During the hours your business is closed, including nights and weekends
  • When you're on vacation or away from the store for an extended period
  • When you get an alert of activity and want to see live video
  • To ensure employees follow safety precautions even when a manager isn't on site
  • To review recorded video of an accident when you're off site

Being able to remotely log into the surveillance systems allows you to react faster to any accidents, custom issues, and safety problems.

Most camera, NVR, and VMS manufactures make smart phone apps for iPhone and Android so you can log into your system at any time. While the features will vary by manufacturer, in general these apps allow you to stream live video to your phone or tablet, review recorded videos, and manage camera and system settings. This gives you the convenience of system management without the need to physically be at your surveillance system every time you need to check in.

Learn more about remote and mobile monitoring, including an overview of apps for Axis, Optica, Milestone, and more.


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