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Remote Monitoring Archives

Published by Marie on March 25, 2016 11:51 AM

Security-Services-Blog-Image.jpgDefending your business, protecting assets, and deterring crime are essential if you want to keep your business, and employees, safe. But if you've ever worried that a security system was too complicated, or that security guards were too expensive, we have created a professional system designed for your needs.

Our security services combine security cameras, alarms, and other technology with live monitoring by remote security specialists who can evaluate a threat to your site and react accordingly.

With a professionally managed security system you will get:

  • Live video monitoring by trained professionals
  • 24/7 video recording
  • Remote viewing from a computer, smartphone, or tablet

See all our security services, or contact us today to speak with a security expert on how to best protect your business assets.

Published by Marie on January 6, 2016 9:35 AM

School-Safety-Blog-Image-12-29-15.jpgSchool safety continues to be a top concern, and a video surveillance system can be an important part of a school's security system. Video surveillance systems help you monitor activities around campus and spot trouble as it is happening.

The most common use of a school video surveillance system is to increase student and staff safety. Prominently placed cameras warn students and staff that they may be monitored, which can deter bad behavior.

Cameras can also catch thieves, vandals, and bullies in the act, allowing the school and police to positively identify all parties involved and see exactly what happened.

Video surveillance systems are also useful tools when creating your visitor management system. Cameras can be placed at all building entrances to alert office staff when a visitor arrives.

You may also want to use the cameras to monitor all visitors to ensure they check in with the office, register at the front desk, follow school rules about contact with students while in the building, and leave once their visit is complete.

One of the largest benefits of modern IP video surveillance systems is the ease of camera monitoring - your systems is accessible through live monitoring by security officers at your school, along with remote and mobile viewing even when you're not on site!

Learn more about the benefits of school video surveillance, or check out our case study on Thomasville City Schools and Mississippi State University.

Published by Marie on December 18, 2015 10:37 AM

Remote-Monitoring-Blog-Image-12-17-15.jpgOne of the most important benefits of modern IP video surveillance systems is the flexibility in video management - using the power of the internet you can log into your system and see surveillance video at any time whether you are at work or not.

Remote monitoring allows you to monitor and manage your surveillance system from a computer anywhere with an internet connection using port forwarding (learn how to set up port forwarding). A mobile app, on the other hand, allows you to log into your system using a smart phone.

There are mobile apps for remotely managing your video surveillance system for both iPhone and Android systems. In addition, several leading manufacturers have mobile apps, including:

While specific features will vary between remote and mobile applications and manufacturer, in general you will be able to view live and recorded video and manage alerts. This gives managers and security staff greatly increased flexibility in how and when they respond to issues back at work if they are off-site for other projects, get notifications late at night or on the weekends, or on vacation.

Learn more about mobile and remote monitoring.

Published by Marie on April 23, 2015 2:40 PM

A major benefit of modern surveillance systems is the ability to remotely monitor your cameras and manage alerts without being on site. Used in every industry, this important feature gives managers the flexibility to check in on their business from a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

When would you want to use remote monitoring? Here are some of the most common applications:

  • During the hours your business is closed, including nights and weekends
  • When you're on vacation or away from the store for an extended period
  • When you get an alert of activity and want to see live video
  • To ensure employees follow safety precautions even when a manager isn't on site
  • To review recorded video of an accident when you're off site

Being able to remotely log into the surveillance systems allows you to react faster to any accidents, custom issues, and safety problems.

Most camera, NVR, and VMS manufactures make smart phone apps for iPhone and Android so you can log into your system at any time. While the features will vary by manufacturer, in general these apps allow you to stream live video to your phone or tablet, review recorded videos, and manage camera and system settings. This gives you the convenience of system management without the need to physically be at your surveillance system every time you need to check in.

Learn more about remote and mobile monitoring, including an overview of apps for Axis, Optica, Milestone, and more.


Published by Margeaux on December 23, 2011 2:08 PM

Milestone Systems, a leading manufacturer specializing in open platform video surveillance software, recently launched XProtect Mobile. The new app enables those using XProtect VMS software to view IP video using a compatible smartphone or tablet.

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