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Stamford installs parking garage security cameras

Published by Dan on December 28, 2007 9:17 AM

Parking garages can be dangerous places, especially at night when there aren't many folks around. Finding your car is hard enough, and when you consider the potential threats in these parking structures, it's easy to understand how security cameras could play a critical role when it comes to safety and protection. In Stamford, Conn. for instance, the city has made plans to install security cameras in each of its three downtown parking facilities.

A series of incidents, including a kidnapping and an attempted rape, caused Stamford city officials to re-evaluate the security of the parking garages last year. It was determined that significant upgrades needed to be made, and the city now plans on spending in the neighborhood of $350,000 for the initial improvements which will include comprehensive video surveillance, improved lighting, and panic alarms. Currently, police patrol the structures regularly, and at least one attendant is on duty at all times, but the inclusion of video surveillance will greatly increase the level of overall protection by continuously monitoring all levels of each facility.

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