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Is Your Parking Lot Secure?

Published by Ellen on June 23, 2015 9:27 AM

Parking lots are a key area to monitor, and shouldn't be overlooked. If you run a business or oversee a facility where there's a parking lot, then it's important to keep tabs on what vehicles enter and exit the parking lot in case there's an accident, vandalism, or even car theft.

Another benefit of parking lot video surveillance is that it can help identify vehicles that do not pay their parking fees if there's a charge to utilize the parking lot. High-definition video surveillance systems are especially recommended because of their ability to see clear detail that makes license recognition possible.

Parking lot monitoring is also critical to ensuring the safety of your patrons or employees, who do not have access to their vehicles while they're away. In case a car is broken into or a vehicle hits another without stopping, you'll have the tools to review footage and see which car was responsible for the crime or issue.

Also, employees and/or patrons will put more trust into your business for employing parking lot surveillance, as it will make them feel more at ease when they leave their vehicles in your lot. So, increase safety, identify suspicious vehicles, and capture evidence by investing in a parking lot video surveillance system.


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