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Gold's Gym beefs up security with parking lot surveillance cameras

Published by Dan on January 3, 2008 10:29 AM

In response to a slew of vehicle break-ins, a Gold's Gym in Orange County, Fla. recently installed more than a dozen security cameras to watch over its parking lot. The added visual security has already paid off as at least five thieves have now been caught thanks to the new cameras.

Before the cameras were installed, it was relatively easy for crooks to have their way in the parking lot. They were simply watching cars pull in and, knowing it takes a good hour for most people to work out, they would simply pull up, smash a window and grab what they could before fleeing the scene. This kind of activity was happening quite regularly. It wasn't until the cameras were installed that the gym was able to fight back.

The new surveillance system is able to pan and follow cars and zoom in on license plates. One image of a getaway car even led police to a man responsible for 46 other break-ins across the region. The fitness club has made the cameras visible and is hoping that they will serve to deter future break-ins as word of their success spreads.

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